13 of the Best Things to do in Shreveport, Louisiana

Find the perfect itinerary to the unique port city of Shreveport, Louisiana. Get to know a cajun, southern town outside of New Orleans while still enjoying seafood, Mardi Gras celebrations, casinos, and unexpectedly GREAT antiquing. Discover my favorite things to do in Shreveport, Louisiana!

I spent a weekend exploring the city of Shreveport while celebrating Mardi Gras at a ball, and can’t wait to share the details. We traveled down with a local, which in my opinion is always the best way to explore a new place. I’m here to share the highlights and to help you plan the perfect weekend trip and know exactly what things to do in Shreveport,Louisiana. 

Weekend Guide to Shreveport Louisiana

Living in Memphis, Elvis is a landmark and most Memphians know a good bit of Elvis history and facts. However, I never knew Elvis had so many connections to Shreveport! There is a statue of him in front of the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium to commemorate his performance on the “Louisiana Hayride” radio show in 1954- a show credited with launching the careers of fellow legends including Johnny Cash, and Hank Williams.

In the same year, Elvis also did the only commercial of his life for Southern Maid Donuts. He sang their jingle, “You can get ’em piping hot after 4 pm, you can get ’em piping hot. Southern Maid Donuts hit the spot, you can get ’em piping hot after 4 pm”. Although we didn’t get to try the “piping hot” donuts this trip, you best believe I will make a stop next time we make our way down to Shreveport.

As the saying goes “Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler! (aka “let the good times roll!”) and let’s dive into all the things to do in Shreveport, Louisiana!

For a quick itinerary, scroll to the end of this post to find direct links to all my favorite Shreveport spots! Or download the Google map below to keep pins of all my recommended locations in one place.

Visit Shreveport: WHERE TO STAY

A Casino

Casino accommodations are always fun, and in Shreveport you have options.

A short geography lesson first- the city of Shreveport is technically split by the Red River. One side is Shreveport, and the other side is Bossier City. On the Shreveport side, you’ll find Sam’s Town Hotel & Casino and Bally. on the Bossier City side, you have Margaritaville, Boomtown and Horseshoe Bossier City Hotel & Casino.

We stayed at Horseshoe Bossier City, the highest rated option and a 4 star hotel. I recommend staying on a higher level, both for the views and to decrease potential noise from the casino on the bottom floor.

Fun fact: like a lot of other places, gambling is only legal on the water here. So, although the hotel is on land, there is a long hallway you walk down to enter the casino portion which is on the water! The Red River to be exact. You’d never know unless you saw it from the outside.

Our view at dusk from the 23rd floor of The Horseshoe Casino

The Remington 

The Remington Suite Hotel & Spa is a non-casino hotel option located in downtown Shreveport. Expect cool vibes and a good location.


I would also recommend checking Airbnb to see what options are available for your planned travel dates. Airbnb is always a favorite options that helps you feel like you are home even when away from home! Just make sure and read reviews.

Visit Shreveport: EAT

Strawn’s Eat Shop

You know half of the things to do in Shreveport Louisiana are going to revolve around food, right?Strawn’s is a classic diner style restaurant serving breakfast all day and other home cooked favorites. Established in 1944, the original location on Kings Hwy is the one we went to. The iconic diner has been featured in Southern Living magazine and by Food Network. Their ice box pie is famous- we tried the strawberry and coconut and it was sure yummy.

Source: Strawn’s

Superior Restaurants

Due to limited time, we didn’t get a chance to try the Superior Restaurants. Superior Grill is famous Tex-Mex and beloved by locals. Now expanded into other cities around Louisiana and one in Birmingham, the original location in Shreveport is known for crazy strong margaritas. They serve hand rolled tortillas daily, live music on the weekends, and a full parking lot more often than not.

For more upscale dining, Superior’s Steakhouse is another well known option. Their menu looks scrumptious and their good reviews make it a place I’d love to try next time around.


Pepito’s was such a fun afternoon spot to watch some football. The interior is decorated with sombreros, different wall textures and plenty of lights and colors. It’s the perfect spot if you’ve got a group, want to hang out at the bar, or watch a game as they have plenty of TV’s.

Shreveport Weekend Guide: THINGS TO DO

Celebrate Mardi Gras

As many may already know, Mardi Gras actually originated in Mobile, Alabama. Although you may be most familiar with New Orleans parades and celebrations, Shreveport (as well as other towns in LA & MS) do it big too! With balls and parades every weekend, you are sure to find a way to celebrate if you decide to visit during Mardi Gras season.

Check Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourism Bureau’s calendar for dates and events. We were lucky enough to attend the Krewe of Justinian’s big ball, and it was such a fun experience. Even if you visit outside of Mardi Gras season, I can almost guarantee that there will be some sort of festival going on in town if that’s something you are interested in.

Such a fun celebration! The table decorations were so impressive, they do it big.

Go Antiquing at King’s Antiques

I cannot recommend King’s Antiques enough. I walked in without any expectations, and I was pleasantly surprised. They have so many booths and are bursting with excellent (and well priced) finds. The space is misleading and looks like your average storefront from the outside, but once you get inside it never ends! Spend some time browsing the many beautiful vintage finds from home decor, to clothing, to rugs and other knick knacks.

Weekend Guide to Shreveport Louisiana

King’s Antiques is truly a collectors dream. I love to go thrift shopping, and share my tips and tricks to always land a good find. It’s not hard to do here. Some of the booths even feature goods straight from Europe- one of the vendors shared her space was full of vintage furniture shipped straight from Germany! Seriously, so many good finds.

Feel free to call if you have any questions, thank you. 

Still need convincing that you should be shopping secondhand? I outline 5 reasons to thrift home decor here to fight the fast furniture trend. Your home, pocketbook, and the planet will thank you.

The R. W. Norton Art Gallery

We visited R.W. Norton Art Gallery on a sunny but crisp January weekend to get some fresh air and stretch our legs. They have impressive botanic gardens on their grounds with a walking path. It’s more bare in the winter, and I’m sure would be even more beautiful come spring or summer.

The art exhibit is home to the extremely rare double elephant folio of John James Audubon’s The Birds of America, among other works inside. You could easily spend an hour or two one afternoon browsing their curated collection of art pieces and sculptures.

As with most trips, we didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to deeply explore and hit everything on our wish list. Here are a few other recommendations we didn’t get to try, but I will next time!

Other recommendations we will definitely try next time:

Southern Maid Donuts: a must stop (especially if the red “HOT” sign is illuminated), and check out the only place Elvis ever did a jingle for.

Great Raft Brewing: I love a good brewery if we have a free afternoon, evening, or even want a low key fun dinner. I’ve heard great things about this one.

Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets: the largest shopping, dining, and entertainment complex in the state, located on the Red River near the casinos.

Cajun Daiquiris: Drive thru daiquiris, need I say more? If you leave the lid on and tape covering the straw hole- it’s not an open container here! All about the details…

Orlandeaux’s Cafe: Enjoy Louisiana creole at the oldest operating African American restaurant in the country.

I hope you enjoyed my 13 favorite things to do in Shreveport, Louisiana! It’s the perfect spot for a fun weekend trip.

things to do in Shreveport Louisiana
things to do in Shreveport Louisiana


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