My All Time Top 10 Favorite Home Decor Thrifted Finds

It’s no secret that I live for the thrill of thrifting. After almost 5 years of consistently shopping secondhand at my favorite thrift shop, estate sales and Facebook Marketplace, stick around to uncover my all time top 10 favorite home decor thrifted finds.

Why Should You Thrift?

Thrift shopping is one of my favorite activities for many reasons. For me, it feels therapeutic. To focus my often distracted and busy attention to the task at hand, sifting through discarded junk to find the occasional treasure. The thrill of the hunt is definitely addicting. But what exactly should you be hunting for?

I’ve written about reasons I love thrift shopping for home decor before (and why you should too!). Among the top 5 reasons includes being mindful of your environmental impact. I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “fast fashion” before, but “fast furniture” is a thing too! I challenge you to change your mindset and spend the extra time to invest in timeless, quality furniture and home decor pieces. Both the planet and your pocketbook will thank you.

Where Should You Look For Home Decor Thrifted Finds?

So now that you’ve discovered why you should be thrifting, let’s dive into where you should be looking. I cover my favorite choices in this more in depth post here including thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace, estate sales, antique stores and flea market booths. Each comes with their own set of pros and cons. But my favorite place to thrift (at least in Memphis) is at Estate Sales.

Estate sales are unique in that they are larger and typically more “upscale” than your average garage or yard sale. The whole house is open, and used to display everything that is for sale. Usually, this includes the contents of the entire home from China, glassware, crystal and silver to rugs, furniture, art and tools.

Going to estate sales can be intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be! I’ve shared everything you need to know and what I’ve learned over the past 5 years. After you learn my top 5 estate sale shopping tips, you’ll be a seasoned pro in no time.

My All Time Top 10 Favorite Home Decor Thrifted Finds

Now it’s time to reveal my top 10 finds after almost 5 years of thrifting. It was not easy to narrow this list down. To make the list, the item had to spark consistent joy (more than just initial joy upon purchasing). I also took into consideration the price I paid versus the ultimate value. I’ve written about 10 general items you should always keep an eye out for when thrifting, but today I’m getting more specific to share 10 items I own and love (& where I found them). Let’s dive in.

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#1: Vintage Hammered Brass Umbrella Stand- 95% off

A vintage umbrella stand adds such a nostalgic, traditional and timeless touch to any entryway. Even small ones! I have written an entire post here to breakdown the perfect equation to decorating a small entryway like mine to make it look great and serve your family. Adding an umbrella stand is another beautiful and functional touch. 

I had been searching for a nice brass one for a while now, and finally found one I loved at an estate sale. It was somehow still available on the last day of a sale (meaning it was half off). I’m sure it just got overlooked in the corner near the front door, but I happily swiped it up. I paid $17.50 for mine, and found the exact same one online for $300. Thats 95% off! I love shopping secondhand. 

2. Living Room English Manor 100% Wool Rug- 75% off

This next find was a fun one. It was on the floor of a moody, dark wooden office in a gorgeous home in one of my favorite neighborhoods in town. It honestly stuck out in the listing photos (which is one of my favorite ways to scope out a sale beforehand and make sure it is worth my time). To learn more about my top tips to become a savvy estate sale shopper, read more here!

I loved the rug when I saw it in person, and tried to negotiate the price. As it was the last day of the sale, I thought I had a pretty good shot. However, I was quickly shut down and dismissed. I let my pride get in the way and left empty handed. 

I talked to my rug connection (@curatedprovisions), and she told me that was a great price for a wool rug of that size (9×13), and that I should absolutely go back. So back I went. I arrived at the very end of the day just before closing, and bought the rug. I paid $850, and found it online for $3299. Thats 75% off. 

3. Dining Room Light Fixture- 95% off

Our dining room light fixture is still my favorites in the whole house. This was a Facebook Marketplace find! Often, that’s a great place to browse secondhand lighting. I came across this fixture and purchased it for $85. 

After some research, I learned it is a Pottery Barn fixture that retails for $1509. That’s 95% off. 

DIY picture frame moulding

Love the dining room? It didn’t always look that way! See the before photos and discover the 6 DIY projects that turned this space into what you see above.

4. Vintage Waterford Crystal Glass Ginger Jar Lamp- 100% off

This next thrifted find was graciously gifted by my mom who came across a friend donating it. I love the small visual footprint left by the crystal, which gives the opportunity for more pop with a colorful lampshade (which was of course a DIY, read more about how I painted it navy here!).

The lamp is Waterford crystal, and retails at $200. I came across this lamp for free, and love it so much in our living room. Keep your eye out for a similar lamp when you are shopping estate sales. Now that I am paying attention, I frequently notice similar lamps for sale all the time! I think this is such a timeless find.

5. Strasburg Heirloom White & Pink Smocked Dress- 89% off

So this is not technically a home decor find, but I wanted to draw your attention to other items you may come across during you secondhand shopping endeavors. 

This is another item that caught my eye while browsing the pre-sale online photos. I was able to find it at the sale, and shockingly found it priced at $15. I was familiar with the brand, and the piece was in mint condition probably worn once for photos. This children’s heirloom dress retails for $135. Finding it for $15 made it 89% off. 

6. Mid Century Gold Bamboo & Glass Rolling Bar Cart- over 99% off

I could not believe the price on this estate sale find when I saw it! I love a good bar cart and couldn’t pass this one up. There is an imperfection in one of the legs where it has become detached, but is still functional as long as the items you put on the bottom are not too heavy. 

They were asking $5!! Sold. I love the glass and gold color scheme, and the bamboo detail makes it even better. I found one almost identical online for $395. That’s over 99% off.

7. “Brittany Spaniel with Quail” by Harry Tollas Art Print- 98% off

I paid $1 for this matted print in a frame from an estate sale. I honestly purchased it for the mat and frame, but then got curious about the print itself. 

After researching, I found an identical print for sale online framed for $75. Art is a great thing to buy secondhand. Since art is not something that is “used”, the quality often remains pristine. I’ve scored the best art deals when it is extra in the attic, etc. and not actively hanging on a wall. Always stay vigilant for potential art gems buried in plain sight like this one!

8. Vintage Straight Leg Luggage Rack with Tapestry Webbing 80% off

I had been searching for a vintage luggage rack for a while, and found this one in excellent condition. I love the color scheme, and it goes so well in our guest bedroom. 

I purchased mine for $15, and found an identical one for sale online for $75! I see these at estate sales frequently, but not always in great condition. It is a fun find to keep your eye out for!

9. Books: 86% off

For whatever reason, I will always have a soft spot for secondhand vintage books. Books are such a versatile decor item. They are a staple in bookshelf decor and can be used to add height to table decor. You will easily come across all kinds of old books, but I want to highlight my favorite set that I own and will continue to collect. 

Beginning in 1950, Reader’s Digest published a series of hardcovers containing abridged novels and nonfiction. The series is known as Reader’s Digest Condensed Books.

They are the epitome of decorative books in my opinion. The spine is understated typically with a black, navy or brown base with a pop of color behind the words. Then turn the book to the cover and it is wrapped in the most fun, often funky patterned design. You can often find sets of Readers Digest condensed books online for $35ish for a set of 5 or 6. I paid $5 for my set on the last day of an estate sale, thats 86% off.  

10. Teacups

Finally, I love collections of vintage things. I collect a couple things, one of them being mismatched English teacups and saucers. Yes, I am picky about them being true English China. But the more colorful the merrier. Most have a floral pattern, but I am open to different shapes and love the dramatic pops black brings.

I typically find these at my favorite secondhand thrift store in town or estate sales for anywhere between $1-$10. They will probably cost more if you are purchasing a matching set, but you can usually get them for closer to $5 a piece when they are sold alone.

I hope this has given you an idea of some things to look out for during your secondhand shopping hunts! These vintage items can all be found at a great value if you know what you are looking for. Brass, crystal, and wool items are all both durable materials that stand the test of time. Invest your time and money into finding these types of home decor to create a home just as unique as you are!

Enjoy the process,