How To Update Thrifted Art With Paint

Resist the fast furniture & decor trend, and instead learn how you should be thrifting for your home. Shopping secondhand is better for you, the environment and your pocketbook! Discover how to easily update thrifted art with a bit of paint to customize it for your space.

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The BEST 10 Amazon Kitchen Finds

When you are looking for easy, quick and affordable home finds Amazon is hard to beat. Keep reading to discover my top 10 budget Amazon kitchen finds to bring stylish decor, functional organization and efficiency to your space.

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Elevate your Stationary with Custom DIY Wax Seals

Learn how to make DIY wax seals with this step-by-step tutorial, complete with direct supply links for your convenience.

Let’s delve into the world of paper goods and explore the art of creating personalized stationery.

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