5 Brilliant & Easy Housewarming Gifts You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

Discover 5 easy housewarming gifts you haven’t thought of yet! The perfect way to welcome someone to the neighborhood, or congratulate friends from afar on their new home. 

Have you ever had a new neighbor move in, or friends buy a new home? Buying a house is such a big investment. So big, and so monumental yet not everyone knows what to do first. Do you know the top 5 things you should do immediately after closing?

Getting back to why we are here today though, buying a house is truly a milestone meant to be celebrated! But maybe you are stuck on how to express your excitement? I’m here to help. Let’s think outside of the box for 5 housewarming gift ideas you can make to show you’re thinking of someone. 

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1. Address Key Ornament

It’s no secret I love thrifting. I thrive on the thrill of the hunt, and giving old things a new lease on life. Not to mention how affordable and sustainable thrift shopping is! If you need more convincing, here are five reasons you should leave the “fast furniture” movement and start reducing, reusing and recycling more by thrift shopping.

While thrifting, there are 10 things I always like to keep an eye out for. Not on the list (but maybe should) are vintage keys. I often come across old, large gold keys with so much character. I think they are so neat! But what to do with them? I’ve got just the idea. 

An antique key is perfect to pair with the homeowners new address, and add a ribbon to create a Christmas tree ornament. I’ve got the full tutorial here if you want to follow along! I love the idea of gifting something the homeowners will be able to cherish year after year during the holidays.

Easy Housewarming Gifts #2: Plant

Ok, I know gifting a plant is not a mind blowing idea. BUT- I want to share a cute addition to this common gift.

When we moved into our first home, we actually chose to give plants to all of our new neighbors! I chose small succulents to give to everyone in our cove (“cove” is what people in Memphis call a “cul-de-sac”- now you know!). I added a small note to introduce ourselves, including our name and phone numbers tied on with twine. 

Easy Housewarming Gifts

You could use this idea to greet new neighbors who just moved in as a welcome gift, and to exchange information. It’s always a good idea to get to know your neighbors! You never know when you might need them. It started us off on the right foot, and some neighbors have told us they still have their succulent 3 years later. 

Worried about your friend keeping a succulent alive for 3 years? Make it faux instead! I’ve got a tutorial for you to follow to easily make a faux succulent using something surprising… read more here!

3. Personalized Address Stamp

Help out your friends by designing and sending a custom stamp with their new address! A friend was kind enough to create one for us when we moved, and I have used and it ever since. Paper Source is a great destination to purchase your custom, self inking return address stamp from, as well as Etsy! I’ve linked some options here

Easy Housewarming Gifts #4: Something Monogrammed

While we are on the topic of custom creations, let’s talk monograms! A few of my favorite monogram finds for home are on things that add curb appeal and greet visitors as they arrive. 

I love the idea of a monogrammed entryway outdoor rug, or maybe a wreath sash. These are both thoughtful and fun items to personalize, you can shop options here!

5. DIY Painted Champagne Bottle

Finally, a custom painted champagne bottle is the perfect personalized gift for first time homeowners! If you are artistic, this is the perfect chance to enjoy creating and crafting for someone else. If not, there are plenty of people I’ve come across online who you can order from. 

Easy Housewarming Gifts

If  you are interested in painting your own, I’ve outlined my entire process (after painting 3 champagne bottles for friends), here. I’ve linked all supplies used, as well as included some ideas for inspiration. Not only is the bottle a fun keepsake, but the champagne is great for celebrating their big purchase. 

I hope I have inspired you to come up with a great gift you feel proud of to gift to the new homeowners in your life. If you are looking for more shopping guides, here are a few more roundups I have done to help:

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Enjoy the process,