Have You Ever Wondered if You Can You Paint Your Lampshade?

Ever come across a lamp you wanted, but it wasn’t quite perfect? Maybe the lamp was purchased new, and you are tempted to add a pop of color by painting the shade. Or perhaps the secondhand lamp shade is stained or dirty, and you’re wondering if you can just cover it up with paint. Either way, you are here to find out- can you simply paint your lampshade?

My mom came across this gorgeous vintage glass lamp. I loved the style, and the shade was honestly in great condition. However, now that I had a new-to-me rug (scored at an estate sale!) I was on a mission to affordably update and add color to the rest of the living room.

Can You Paint Your Lampshade?
Isn’t this Heriz rug gorgeous?!

The white shade was fine, but a navy shade would be even better to bring contrast to the corner. I was working on the garage remodel at the time, and had leftover satin latex paint in the color Sherwin Williams Cyberspace. I thought a lampshade in that color would look really nice. But could I simply paint it? Lets find out!

Did you know?

Looking to get versed in the world of paint? Whether you need to know more about the finishes, what latex means, or how to go about painting your walls, I’ve got a paint 101 post to teach and inform the beginner, because that’s where we all start!

Here is the supply list needed to paint your lampshade:


-latex paint (finish of your choice- I used satin)


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Step 1: Clean and Prep

First, remove your lampshade and wipe it down with a damp cloth. Make sure it is clean of any obvious dirt or debris. Also, make sure your rag is only slightly damp. We don’t want to soak the shade, or cause any water damage.

Step 2: Paint

I simply used paint and a brush I already owned, and did not buy any special supplies for this project. I used interior satin paint from Sherwin Williams in the shade Cyber Space. I used my old trusty Wooster paintbrush, and simply brushed a first coat of paint evenly on the shade.

Can You Paint Your Lampshade?

After the first coat dried, I took the shade back inside and installed it on my lamp. There were areas that were not opaque, and allowed natural and artificial light to shine through. I took the lamp shade back off, and brushed on a second coat.

Can You Paint Your Lampshade?
Can You Paint Your Lampshade?

Once I achieved full coverage, I decided I was finished! I didn’t seal or finish it with anything. I simply painted the shade, and left it as is.

So now we know. Yes, you can in fact paint your lampshade.

I am honestly surprised at how quick and easy this fun little project turned out to be. The shade looks great hand painted using interior satin latex paint. The pop of color adds interest, and the navy plays off the rug so well. I am proud of my journey to learn to both use and love color. There was a day not so long ago that everything in my house was white and gray. We are making progress!

Is this a DIY you would try? Let me know if you plan to, or ever have painted your own lampshade in the comments!

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