How To Get Organized in the New Year

3 things to get organized

New year, new you right? As cliche as it sounds, starting the new year on a fresh foot after cleaning up Christmas decor does feel good. This year, I am focusing on 3 spaces to get organized to start the year off on the right foot.

Home organization doesn’t have to be complicated. Tackling projects one small piece at a time makes the task feel manageable, and still gives you that sense of accomplishment. I chose 3 areas I wanted to re-think, and it’s made me happy.

3 Things to Get Organized: The Bathroom Countertop

First up is our master bathroom. It is functional and could be worse, but we have one sink and limited countertop, drawer and cabinet space. I found it getting cluttered over and over. Playing the same pick up game was getting old.

I found these marble countertop organizers and they help keep everything I use daily out and accessible, while still looking aesthetically pleasing and organized. These pictures aren’t pretty and perfectly styled, but it’s real life. They have helped give everything a “home”.

In the past, I have used command hooks creatively to keep hair tools out of sight and organized in this same small bathroom. Due to limited storage space, I couldn’t get my hair dryer, straightener or curling wand to fit in our vanity. I stuck three command hooks onto the far side of our vanity and voila, easy, cheap and accessible hair tool storage. You can find 5 more creative household organization hacks here.

The Closet

To start the new year, I have decided to switch all my clothes hangers backward. This way, I can see at the end of the year which clothes I wore, and which I literally haven’t touched in 365 days. Sometimes when it comes to purging you’ve got to be ruthless. So set yourself up for success with this tip. This helps me create a rule and stick to it. Every piece of clothing on a hanger that is still facing backwards next year will get donated.

I also started to transition our guest bedroom into a nursery this year, and plan to start off on the best foot possible. This includes closet organization. We already had this great build in system I think will be great for all the little baby things.

I decided to add labels to all the drawers and baskets to keep everyone in the house (ahem, my husband) and I on the same page with where things go. I labeled drawers by content (i.e. size, type of clothing, etc.) and it makes it feel like everything has a home!

3 Things to Get Organized: Storage Spaces

Any space that is easily out of sight, out of mind probably gets filled with duplicates, things you no longer use and things easier stored than dealt with. That’s fine for a while, but there will come a time when your storage capacity is reached. Or you just get so tired of looking at unorganized junk, unable to walk from one end of the room to the other. You get my point. Whatever breaking point you may be at, I’ve been there too.

Similarly to how our garage started last year, our attic has turned into disarray. I tackled the garage organization project with this 5 step process derived from a mixture of advice from the pros and real life experience.

I used many of the same techniques to take everything out, categorize/purge, then make a plan complete with different zones to keep things organized. Your space and storage needs will define how you choose to execute your attic organization. For me, I decided to create a lighting, Christmas, wall decor and wreath zone.

Tackling these 3 simple spaces has made me feel good this new year, and contributed to a clean fresh start. Which areas will you be tidying up this year?

Enjoy the process,