What To Do in Oklahoma City

Welcome to the capital city of Oklahoma. Experience good food, unique sites, and a multitude of waterways among the plains. Enough to keep you busy for a long weekend! I’ve summed up the best things to do, places to stay, and where to eatRead on to discover your all inclusive guide for what to do in Oklahoma City.

I tend to prefer to plan travel out ahead of time to ensure I see everything on my list in the most efficient way. A newborn nephew took us on a road trip from Memphis to OKC, so I did not get to checkoff all of the sights and restaurants I wanted to see on my pre-written guide. But spending time with a healthy and happy addition to the family was well worth the trip.

Here are a few fast facts about Oklahoma City that you may or may not know. The city was settled in 1889, and opened for settlement in an event known as “The Land Run”. The area that was to become the capital of the state was grew in population quickly after settlement. They experience all four seasons, and quite a bit of wind. They are centrally located in “tornado alley”, and experience frequent bouts of severe weather.

Starting with where to stay, I’ll walk you through the best places to grab a bite, sights you must see to help you plan your trip included both places I personally enjoyed, and those I wish I had an extra day so I could have experienced.

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What to do in Oklahoma City Travel Guide Bonus

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Where to Stay in Oklahoma City

With little notice as to when we would be making the trip (you never know when babies are going to be born!), we found an Airbnb last minute. We chose to stay in the suburb of Edmond northwest of downtown to be closer to where my sister lived. We were a 20 min drive from downtown, and plenty entertained with food options near us.

If you want to stay a bit more central to the hustle and bustle of the city, I would recommend accommodations in Bricktown. This was a fun neighborhood we spent some time in during our trip.

Where to Eat in Omaha

Tucker’s Onion Burgers

Tucker’s Onion Burgers a local franchise with 4 locations throughout the city. Onion burgers have become a staple in Oklahoma, originating in the Great Depression as a way to help beef up patties. They press thinly shredded onions into the beef patty and cook it together.

I always like to find and try local cuisine, and this sounded like a unique twist on a burger. We got our order to go, and thought the burgers (and fries) were great! I thought the burgers were similar to a Steak ‘n Shake or diner style smash burger. The onions are a great touch, and all in all it’s a burger I would definitely order again.

What To Do in Oklahoma

Hefner Grill

We ventured to a bit of waterfront goodness at Hefner Grill, located on one of Oklahoma City’s three lakes: Lake Hefner. It was a scorching 110 degrees on the summer day that we visited, so we chose to sit inside. But in milder temperatures, I can imagine sitting out on the deck at sunset would be a treat.

You can see the lighthouse in the distance- a landmark great for a photo!

With a menu including lots of seafood, classic American fare, and a full bar with a selection of mocktails and cocktails, it’s a fun happy hour or date night dinner spot. Lake Hefner is also a great place to get outside and walk or hike. There’s over 9 miles of trails around the lake, waiting to be explored.

What To Do in Oklahoma

Hatch Early Mood Food

We got out of the house to enjoy a morning brunch one day, and found our way to Hatch. The pancake flight was fun to put together, and breakfast tacos yummy as well.

If you need more brunch inspiration, some of my sister’s favorites are Neighborhood Jam and Black Bear Diner with multiple locations across the city for your convenience!

Hideaway Pizza

Last but not least, we enjoyed Hideaway Pizza carry out for dinner one night from this local spot. The supreme pizza was good, but the “Da Bomb” with red sauce, mozzarella, salami, pepperoni, basil, pineapple, balsamic drizzle is out of this world. This surprising combination made for some of the best pizza I’ve had in a while.

What to See in Oklahoma City

Bricktown Canal

The Bricktown canal is a 1 mile walkway along an urban waterway, with bars and restaurants lining both sides. This walk is a great way to see parts of downtown, and ends at the Centennial Land Run monument, commemorating the run for land in 1889 (mentioned earlier).

Bricktown Water Taxi

If walking isn’t for you, the Bricktown water taxi is such a fun choice! The water taxi takes you along the canal with a guided boat tour, while learning history and facts along the way. The trip takes about 40 mins in total.

Wheeler District

The Wheeler District just south of downtown and home to the OKC monument and a full sized ferris wheel. The historic Ferris Wheel was purchased on Ebay from Santa Monica in 2008. Strange, but cool. There is also lots of green space with tables and hammocks for you to lounge, play cornhole, or get dinner from a food truck.

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